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List Club Directory Under Forum?


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3 hours ago, JoshB84 said:

Is there a way to list the Club Directly directly under my forum? I plan on having only a few clubs and just listing them how they appear on the Clubs page under my forum would be awesome.

No, this is not possible.  

You would need to use Group Collaboration by @Kevin Carwile if you're looking for a more mature club implementation.  

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I did purchase his software and went to his support forum. I even sent a link showing exactly what I was looking for on my site. A link going to the categories page with the images.

He told me how the categories can be listed under my forum through the category settings. I already have that setting turned on. So I guess he never took the time to look at the link I left on his website or read all of what I asked.

I specifically asked if the categories could be listed on my website the way they are here http://asylum.pm/gc/ under my forum.

Basically the same thing I was asking here about Clubs.

I will wait until next month and see if I can hire a 3rd party developer to help. 

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