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Please enable IP.Commerce for virtual currencies & standards


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These multi-currency behaviors and the integration possibilities of virtual currencies by third party developers aren't well implemented in IP.commerce and I would kindly ask for a better implementation in a future update, so developers get more coding options!

Currencies, that make use of IP.Commerce, should:

  • always display the currency name entered, no matter if real or not (virtual). And it should display everywhere and in the same manner.
  • there should be an integration possibility for developers to display in the frontend (Commerce / Downloads / Third party plugins...) a secondary virtual currency below the real currency price OR only one of them (according to settings per module)
  • always display the currency default acronym, "USD" or "EUR" or whatever, but not in different standard IPS views symbols like "$" "€"... It's mixed up. Please add a setting where I can decide, how to show currencies. After setting it to either "$" or "USD" it should use this standard everywhere. 

For example:

  1. I created 2 different currencies: EUR (for the european union) and a virtual currency named "XXX" (only in my example). The ACP responds "XXX is not a standard currency" but it accepts the value and saves correctly... But I don't know what the impact of the error message is... I really require a virtual currency and I see no point why it shouldn't exist. I want to use the virtual currency for different options (f.e. refund in another currency as a benefit, points exchange and more...)
  2. I pay with XXX for the products correctly listed with XXX in the frontend, and only XXX and the according Points Economy gateway is possible!). In some of my products there is no value entered for EUR at all (only for XXX), but on IP.Commerce checkout it says EUR (that wasn't used nor paid with). It should be XXX. When I buy with XXX, XXX should be on the checkout summary and in all listings. No matter what payment gateway.
  3. In the backend in ACP -> IP.Commerce -> Transactions every XXX purchase is listed as EUR, too! ??? Again: I didn't buy in EUR. And on the top: if I switch the default language to a european language, the view switches and it shows the "€" symbol instead of EUR. In english default language, it displays "EUR". Why?
  4. I'm using points economy by @Kevin Carwile and I set the points exchange rate in the payment gateway. After creating it, I can't modify the exchange rate. I can't even resave the saved rates. EUR = 1.0000 and XXX = 1.0000. If I try to resave, it responds "wrong date". But it isn't a date ;) And it should resave what was saved before. This is not really IPS related (due to third party plugin), but I experienced the behavior of not saving "1.0000" in other, different locations before... I will report as soon as I get there again.

Don't understand me wrong, I know IPS does a great job and the system wasn't made for virtual currencies and multi-currency settings can be very conflicting.

But it is required by a lot communities who try to operate with such enhancements. I just kindly ask considering to enable the system for other (virtual) currencies. Thanks.


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This is absolutely vital for Commerce. Right now even though Points economy app has "kind of" integration with Commerce it is obvious that it is just a patchwork and there are many deficiencies. I won't repeat Cyboman's post, he has nailed most of the issues, I just want to reiterate how important it is to give our members the possibility to buy products with virtual currency.

For the life of me, I have no idea why Commerce has to be locked on existing currencies only. Give us the ability to award our members with virtual currency, which later they can exchange for group upgrades, premium features and even branded items. If you are looking for an advantage to social groups - you have it right here, no facebook group can natively support different layers of membership and award their most contributing members the same way it can be done with the integration between forums and commerce. But for some reason you have decided to cut this possibility by limiting Commerce to real currency only...

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