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Improve setting profile photos

KT Walrus

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I just updated my Facebook photo and the cropper they use is great. You position the cropping window where you want it and use a zoom slider to get your face just the right size. This cropping widget is very nice, much nicer than IPS4's cropper which seems very "old style" and not that user friendly. You can also re-crop a previously uploaded original photo if the cropped photo just doesn't look right when you cropped it the last time.

Any chance IPS could look at "modernizing" the profile photo upload and cropping UX for IPS4? IPS4 should "remember" the originals uploaded and have a more user friendly cropper. IPS4 would then allow switching back to a previous profile photo or uploading a new one, if the user wanted to. Same thing for cover photos. If IPS4 remembered all originals uploaded as the cover photo, the user could switch cover photos more easily. The cover photos could also be optimized better to save on download bandwidth.

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