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Hide community logo from guests - blank login mask


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I'm looking for a way to hide my community logo from guests. One of my communities is an invitation-only portal, so I require just a blank login page without a header logo and no footer.

Guests should see just nothing except for the login mask.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Do you have Pages? If so, create a page as your home page but don't use the suite wrapper.

If that's a problem ... then you're going to need to go into the logo and footer templates and wrap them with some code. Something like

{{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id }}
Stuff that members can see goes here


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Thanks for the response!

I have IP.pages :) And really forgot about this option :lol:

But can I create a blank page with just a "login widget" placed in the display center?

Or do I have to insert code in a manually built blank HTML page concerning the login mask?

And do you have any idea, how to create it the way, that I will be redirected to the forum app page (which is currently default) after login?


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Oh, some good questions/ideas there!

Hmm ... you can't keep forums as the main app and just make it inaccessible to guests because they'll get an error message rather than just the guest sign-up widget. I wouldn't know how to get it to redirect after logging in. Sorry.

How about ... making the home page a series of feeds? Latest topics and all that stuff. But make those blocks invisible to guests, so all they can see is the sign-up widget, whilst your regular users have something useful when they land there?

I've tried a few solutions and thought I'd come up with something clever but, alas ...

It seems that of the few options, the one which might be best is to wrap things like your logo template with {{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id }}. I've just done it on mine and it correctly hid the logo once I'd logged out. Do the same with footer etc as you need to. That way you can keep your home page as your forums app but use permissions to make sure that guests can't see it/any blocks/menu items. Drop the sign-up widget on the page and they'll get that, but won't see the logo or the content of your footer.

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