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Lisp code syntax highlight


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Please consider to add a lisp code (syntax highlight) to the Code editor.

Sine years we ask for it, this can't be to difficult surely.

Must music (coding) systems are written in Common Lisp.

Our Forum needs this option very badly.

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It might be considered a specialist request I guess, possibly like Fortran or something ? I've not really looked tbh.

Having said that there could possibly be some kind of CKE plugin to assist with it, it would be worth a minute of your time to check to see.

I have odd display issues if I try to post assembly language in code tags but I kind of consider it expected behaviour.

EDIT... A small piece of code, the kind I usually deal with:

	36904 LD A,(33799) ; 33799 = The current cavern number (0 to 19)
	36907 INC A ; Increase that value
	36908 CP 20 ; Is it now 20 ? If so that means (19+1=20) the last cavern completed was The Final Barrier!
	36910 JR NZ,37009 ; Jump if it was not Final Barrier
	36912 LD A,(33882) ; 33882 = Game mode indicator (0 for live play, other values = demo mode)
	36915 OR A ; So are we in Demo Mode ?
	36916 JP NZ,37008 ; Jump if we are in Demo Mode 36919 LD A,(33885) ; 33885 = Holds the teleport code if its been activated
	36922 CP 7 ; So is the teleport active ? 36924 JR Z,37008 ; Jump if it is as we were cheating!


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