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No reactions in posts?


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1 hour ago, UziyerDaddy said:

Mine are also missing. I'm presuming this was the 'Like' system? No sign of it now even though Reputation is enabled.

To diagnose the issue, you need to revert back to the default theme or 4.2 theme.  You should also disable any plug-in that isn't specifically 4.2 compatible as that may interfere with the template.  

There were significant changes to the template in 4.2 so you might need to rework your theme, plugins, and templates.  

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19 minutes ago, UziyerDaddy said:

Ah, it IS there in default, but only a few pixels large until you hover over it...

Any ideas on this?



Check your dimensions or original file size of the icon that you uploaded.  

If that doesn't work, send in a support ticket in the Client Area.  

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21 hours ago, UziyerDaddy said:

Hi Joel,

That is the default image. It does work if I upload one of the graphics from this site, on the default template, so it's a compatibility issue on the others. 

Are you sure that's the default image? Isn't that now the blue heart?

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