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Clubs - move content, follow by default, add members


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I really like the Clubs feature. I think that this will become more interesting over forums because it's a more personal approach.

I do have some questions and suggestions:

1. Moving / or making available content from forums, gallery, files
As i already have a type of sorting among the forums based on niche interests / and clubs, this existing content could easily be moved (or made available) to the clubs section. Same applies to members photo galleries or files. This is not yet possible, or i do not see any way to do it. If this can't be done, trying to transition all niche members to a new empty section will be pretty hard, if not impossible

2. Allow only albums in gallery section of Clubs
It can become a mess  to allow members to add photos and albums together. I don't see an option to allow only albums in this gallery section from Clubs.

3. Adding members should be a default option (not only inviting)
Some clubs are established already, they do not need to ask permission, grant permission, etc.. Go straight for the subject

4. Follow content by default
Once joining a club, i would expect to follow by default all new content not to find all sections (forums, gallery, files etc) and click the follow button. So please, allow us to force all members that join a club to follow by default all content and receive email notifications if so is set up.

5. Import forum topics, images, calendars from rss feeds
This is also a MUST. There are already clubs publishing content on their sites along with events in Ical feeds.

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I saw the plugin but i was not quite sure it accomplishes everything that i want. It's also important to somehow keep the SEO urls, followers.. etc. I see everything as a necessary default functionality not just plugin / app provided.

Basically.. select a number of topics/ gallery albums / files and move them to the clubs section - keep seo, keep followers etc.

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