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Pass data to JavaScript controller

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I am trying to pass data from my PHP controller to a JavaScript controller. The data could be either a number or a JSON object. 

The best thing I can think of right now is to get the ID from the URL that the page loads the JS controller on and then use Ajax to retrieve the JSON object but if there is a better way, please let me know.



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I don't follow. Do you mean you want to get the result of a php script and return it to your javascript script?

If so, I would suggest using the jQuery post method.


The php data can be returned in JSON format.

javascript like so:

fucntion getMeThatSweetPHP()
  var someVal = 1;
  $.post( "next_level_stuff.php", { val: someVal }, function( data ) 
   	alert(data[0]+' '+data[1]);
  }, "json");

PHP like so:

$response[0] = $_POST['val'] + 2;
$response[1] = 'IS THE MAGIC NUMBER!';
echo json_encode($response);

If that's not what you want, sorry...

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@Tom S. Thanks for the reply. That would also be an option if I used the ID. The PHP script pulls from the DB and either sends a cURL request to get the JSON object or makes a JSON object, but I can do that before loading output. Good info to have though for next time. Thanks

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