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KT Walrus

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I'd like to see IPS add 2 clubs to this website:

  1. Admins Club
  2. Coders Club

These 2 clubs would serve as examples of how to set up and run clubs on our own sites and give IPS4 developers a place to see first hand how the new clubs feature really functions on a site. Hopefully, the experience running these clubs will lead to more enhancements to this 4.2 feature. And, I could use more help making coding changes to IPS4 and a club might work better for me than the current forums (which have never helped me when posting coding questions since I hardly ever get any answers). Clubs may be a better solution than a couple of individual forums here for Admins and Developers.

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+ Admins Club

+ Coders Club

Yes, I think clubs should be released for special requirements, that are not mainstream, to logically gather interested members and informations. And to start feeling the club vibes :):thumbsup:

There are many use cases, where I would prefer to have specialists around or a place that is only dedicated to a special meta topic! Here in the IPS community. Clubs would suit for this.

I experience the same behavior: A lot questions stay unresponded, but not because they are not of interest to the (whole) community, but moreover they disappear in the forums history. When an interested member is only logged in once a month, chances are minimal he will get to know about a past topic sorted -500 in fluid view. But he might have been willing to support a dedicated topic! Where should he start? Searching for every possible topic name?

On the other side: Once you've read interesting articles or posts in the regular forums you will never find these informations later again, unless you have your own browser bookmark list or an external database. You can follow information, but if no content is added, you forget about it earlier or later... Therefor, a club would at least be a good entry point for investigations.

F.e. there are a lot CSS tweaks and tipps in this community, but there is no concentrated database for easy CSS tweaks. Only CSS! A specialized club would make things a lot easier and I would directly know where to start looking for these informations.

I would like to see the following clubs:

  1. European Union IPS Business Club
    -> Internet business & law in the european union (EU)
    -> Adaptions and requirements on the IPS platform
  2. Automation Rules Club
    -> rules development with @Kevin Carwile's automation rules
    -> rules for other inbound third party applications and plugins (like points economy...)
    -> "automation rules" is so mighty, it should deserve an own club!
  3. E-Mail Marketing Club
  4. Member Engagement Club

only to name a few...

I'm absolutely sure, the first two ones (1. & 2.) are not of interest to the whole IPS community, so why not transfer such important discussions into clubs. Even if there won't be much traffic, the informations will be in order.

So please, think about creating an Admins Club and Coders Club, and please be open minded for field experiments: new clubs! :) Thanks!

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