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Unable to add second banner under Fluid view

Omri Amos

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I created 2 banner ads with the "Fluid view topic listing, between topic rows" setting.
First banner: after every 10 topic rows (
Repeated: 1 time)
Second banner: after every 20 topic rows (
Repeated: 1 time)

But this causes only the second banner to appear. The first banner was ignored.

Changing the number of rows didn't have any affect.
Setting "Repeated" to 0 times causes both banners to be ignored so I guess 1 means "display 1 time" and not "repeat 1 (more) time".

Only way to display 2 banners was to set the first one to "repeated: 2 times" and completely disable the second banner.
If I kept the second banner on (even if it was set to 21 rows (so it doesn't overwrite the first banner's 2nd-repeat loop), I got only the second banner (instead of: banner #1 after 10 rows, banner #1 again after 20 rows, banner #2 after 21 rows).

It is important for me to have separate banners because they have separate codes, I can't just repeat the first banner twice.

How can I create 2 different banners on the Fluid view?



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