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converting to innoDB and optimization

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To cut to the chase: if I wanted to convert my MariaDB to innoDB and optimize all my tables, is this something I would ask my VPS provider to do?  I thought I read somewhere that upgrading MariaDB would automatically switch to innoDB, but I find the whole matter slightly confusing so I thought I'd ask those in the know here. :)

I've already backed up my site so I'm ready to go with any changes.

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Hello :)

If your vps provider offer such support they may be able to help you but in most cases they don't offer software support....

For your tables you must convert them using a command like:

ALTER TABLE tablenamehere ENGINE = InnoDB;

Always get a backup before you do such operations :)

Then after that you must optimize your my.cnf config file for your new Innodb tables like the pool buffers and instances e.t.c

Keep in mind that Innodb is performing much better but you will need more space on your disk and for sure more ram also :)

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