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Unread item links  

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This has been a long standing major issue for myself with IPS, apologies if you have heard me moan before but I thought I'd run a little poll to see if this is just me, as to this day I still struggle to wrap my head around topic titles taking you to page 1 and not the first unread post. 

When 4.1 eventually added a user option for streams to go to the first unread comment, I was hopeful that 4.2 may have given us a setting to make the change board wide but sadly not, this kinda confuses me as why acknowledge the demand is there but only apply it to streams and not board wide? 

The "dot" is not user friendly at all, I won't ever accept that is no matter what the outcome of this poll is, we are in a world now where mobile devices are taking over, even Apple are pushing their iPads now as a device to replace your laptop.

Mobile devices do not allow users the option to cursor over a dot to see what it does, little Jimmy that only owns an iPhone and only ever known social media will not no what that dot does. He may enter a forum and click on a topic, read 10 pages, return an hour later and click that same title to be taken back to page 1.

Imagine that was a Harry Potter book, each time having to thumb through pages to try and find where you were.

If you are well educated enough to know, the size, it's too small, you have to pinch to zoom in to make sure you get the pesky little thing or you're taken to page one.

Personally I don't use the streams at all, that's not to knock them I didn't use the old VNC either, I find it much easier to go into the individual board I'm interested in reading to access the topics. I'm not alone in this.

Please take the time to vote even if it's just for my sanity if anything. Promise this will be my last topic on this subject.

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