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Wtd: In-line proxied image to local tool for mods

Carl Maltby

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Hey all - our site is currently permacaching all images, and it would be fantastic if there were some simple tool that highlighted a proxied image in forum posts with the option for mods or other authorised staff to shift the image into site content. For example, take this image in a forum post:



....to a moderator, it could look like this:



The disc array icon indicating that the image is cached from a remote image. By clicking that overlaid icon, the image is shifted from the image cache into (wherever) as a "proper" image embed. The image icon can then be a green tick or some other indicator of the image being local.


This is all due to Photobucket amending their ToU, leading a LOT of forums to end up with "please upgrade your account" replacement images poisoning our caches. Ideally, some kind of ACP-side tool for converting all cached images into embeds would make this a better bulk process than elective by-image. An ACP tool could also include some method of reducing down the size/quality of cached images sent to embeds.

We've had the discussion about image rights, and we're amending our own member agreement to mention caching of images and why it's important.

Do we need to bounty this, and if so, is anybody else interested in ponying up a few? I am thinking that this should be a relatively simple bit of work for somebody that knows just a little more than me! :sorcerer:

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