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Fierce God

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So i see that on most boards that after making a profile, your status update field is already showing on the profile timeline

For some reason even though i have mine enabled for all members and groups, i'm still having to manually enable it for members or having to explain to them to go into edit profile and do

Can someone tell me what i need to do in the admin panel to make this a default enable so when members join they will already see it on their timeline and can go ahead and use it


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These settings are are already enabled in my cp......and after installing this, it still does do what i wanted

I need the members profile status update field that shows on their activity line to show automatically......

This plugin doesn't do that, it only does the enabling in the cp....


In the pic above...the status field should be their, i have it enabled in my cp....the plugin doesn't change anything...even on a new member register after its installed

But even without the plugin....i have this all enabled in cp, it should show when member first looks at their profile

Is this a bug? or malfunction of some kind??

Im on other ppls boards, and the minute i joined and looked at my profile, that field was their, i didn't have to edit my profile to enable it

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