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Converting to clubs - what am I missing?


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Hi All, 

Just want to see if I am missing the obvious on how to move forums into clubs - I have a gaming community website and have 15 or so forums for the individual games. What I would like is to do is have a club per game that we run/support. That way if a member can join the clubs for the games they own/are interested in and see filtered content. 

So first issue I have hit is how do we migrate a forum into a club? I see on the front end I can move topics over but there seems to be no way of mass doing it from the ACP.

The second question I have is once the game forums are migrated over to clubs I want a presence of that on the homepage, I currently use a latest topics block which will now only display from the main forums, I want to add almost the 'club directory' page into my homepage and also a more prominent 'recent activity in my clubs' section - has anyone done anything like this yet?



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