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Recount members - where/how?


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i have a community site from 2002 that has always been an IPS community. After so many updates since the first IPS version, some things got odd, such as some inconsistencies. One of them is the number of members. When i run a SELECT COUNT(*) on the members table, i get 31880 members.

In the ACP, in the tables lists, it shows:

core_members     30028     InnoDB 

Which one is right? Is there any hidden recount feature so that i can be sure of how many members i have?

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I guess there is a misunderstanding – based on the assumption that the software keeps a member count somewhere independent from the actual table entries and in that case there could be an option to count the actual members again and update the number kept separately. I don’t think it works that way though. There is no recount function since there is no need for it. 

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This is just how InnoDB works, it doesn't keep track of exactly how many rows are in the table, it makes an estimate.



The number of rows. Some storage engines, such as MyISAM, store the exact count. For other storage engines, such as InnoDB, this value is an approximation, and may vary from the actual value by as much as 40 to 50%. In such cases, use SELECT COUNT(*) to obtain an accurate count.


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