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During my upgrade to 4.x I had a few issues with URLs. Support helped me fix any issue with the site having bad looking URLs because of index.php/ but I still have an issue with old articles.

In short, my old site had article content formatted as such:


In my current forum, this type of URL will no longer work. This means old external links no longer work. I've had articles discussed/linked on reddit, other internet forums, twitter, facebook etc.

The URL is now:


An additional problem is that I have an invision database for my site, and records have a field for a corresponding article that relates to the database entry. These are broken, and require manually updating the database. I've already done one set of about 35 records, but it's time consuming and I don't want to have to do the other 100+ and it still wouldn't fix external links.

Is there a way I can setup some kind of redirect that changes any url that has the /_/ issue, to make that part /news/ so these old version links can work?

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