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I would like to know why my forums isn't open for public view....

if you open the website it goes directly to the login page.

I want my forums to be visisble to everyone but if they click on something they should be directed to the register/login page

I did enable qeust to view the forums but stil goes directly to login/register page.



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17 hours ago, Mack_au said:

Do you have the "site online" button ticked in the System -> General Configuration page?

Yes, it's online but why is the page blocked.. so i want it like ips board content shown to all groups including quests visitors. But if you click on the forums it give a message to login before seeing the content posted.


my forums is like blocked you can only acces it by loging in as an registered user before seeing all the forums pages etc.

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On ‎1‎-‎7‎-‎2017 at 11:01 AM, newbie LAC said:


Check ACP - Members - Groups - Guests - Can access site?

Thanks this worked... i thought it was already switched on might have switched it back off my bad.

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