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Need help nameservers... (NO-IP)


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1: I would like to know how to open the forums shown to public. Now it lets qeust give the sign up window after they enter the website.

Is there a way to make the forum board visible for qeusts to? If they enter a topic or anything it wil automaticly jump into sign up page.


2:how do i change the homepage directly link to a specific page for example: www.google.com wil open www..google.com/downloads.

3: people are geting error codes on registration.. error code 2s129/1 

4:Is there anyone using NO IP? that can help me setup the correct details i'm receiving some errors

Current Nameservers: ns1.ipslink.com, ns2.ipslink.com
If you recently registered or changed your nameservers this may not be correct

*** does not appear to be delegated to No-IP.com. Please manage the DNS records at your DNS provider (possibly ipslink.com) or change them to No-IP's nameservers: ns1.no-ip.com, ns2.no-ip.com, ns3.no-ip.com, ns4.no-ip.com, ns5.no-ip.com

Is this good?




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