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Clubs Enhancements

Adriano Faria

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On 6/27/2018 at 4:17 PM, InvisionHQ said:

yes, I merge for sure this plugin with my app Improved Clubs.

Could you give some more information about this?  I currently have Clubs Enhancements and am wondering why you don't release one Improved/Enhanced Clubs app.  I don't particularly want to pay twice for something with the same features, so will you be offering a deal for those who already own Clubs Enhancements to purchase the unified app?

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16 hours ago, Tripp★ said:

Feature suggestion: Currently you are able to set the amount of clubs people can make, is there anyway of moving this to the usergroup permissions table at all, so we can set it per usergroup? For example normal members can create 4 clubs, premium members can create 10 clubs and staff can create unlimited clubs?

That's already possible in IPS since IPS 4.3 ?

  • Admins can set limits on number of Clubs per group.


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Hey there,

Is it possible to have the following kind of setup:

  • Public read access to Blog and member list and private access to topics.
  • Public access to post on topics, but only allow members/moderators of the club to post on blog.


The purpose of this is from a gaming clan perspective: The clan can announce their things in the blog, but are able to discuss their strategies and schedules in private. I'm actually quite surprised that this hasn't been taken into account and that you have to apply the same rules to everything.

On the other hand, maybe you want to have a club where there are specific members who are mentioned as a part of that club, but anyone can write into the topics section. You still wouldn't want anyone to be able to post blog posts on behalf of your club.


Either I'm confused or neither Club out of the box, nor this otherwise great plugin seem to allow what I'm describing.

Thank you in advance for your help! ?


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Somehow an option to manually add members disappeared for me (it's enabled in admin panel for sure, I've checked). Reinstalling the addon / clearing cache didn't help. It persists regardless of skin / language. It shouldn't be caused by any apps / plugins since I didn't add anything new. Also turning off everything except this didn't help. Any ideas how can I get this functionality back? It's super useful.

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41 minutes ago, Subdreamer said:

Is there any way to set up a club as a default club for registered members?

Yes, since december:

  • Add a new setting to give the admin the ability to add new registered members as a MEMBER in selected clubs when they create the account.
    • Members will be deleted if the admin deletes the account

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  • 4 weeks later...

I just bought this plugin yesterday and thought to bash ahead and do some conversions without brain engaged .... end result is that I made a mistake on our live forum converting a forum to a club and accidentally deleted the forum content for that new club. so its basically lost as far as I can see as its no longer in the forum area and now deleted from the clubs. Luckily I chose to try this out on a smaller, less used area of my site so the damage is limited ! 

I currently have a DEV copy of the same forum up and running which uses a copy of the original database, and as this particular forum was not heavily used and the content is more or less the same as my live site (I might lose a few topics but not all) I thought I could install the plugin on the DEV site, convert the forum on the DEV site to a club then export the SQL for that club on the DEV site back into my live site. However I get an error installing the plugin and not sure what the issue is.

There are no errors logged on the system or error logs and no server error.log file in the site folders when viewed in FTP. Have tried disabling all the plugins, clearing caches, rebuilding indexes, optimising and repairing SQL tables etc. My alternative is to try and extract all the info (posts, topics, etc) from the dev site and copy them back to the main site. I can do that with the forum itself and the topics as I can isolate these by forum_id (21) but cannot see how I can do it with the posts !       

This was the error ... anyone encountered this before ? or have another suggestion on how I can restore this forum/club

Oops, thers seems to be a problem: /admin/?adsess=ee4b9c95b82896b99ab67d8ff66e0874&app=core&module=applications&controller=plugins&do=doInstall&file=/tmp/IPSitu5wF&key=8a6f17d2d35a7e5f705abb3d22e5d26c does not seem to be loading right now. Go back to <site>/admin/?adsess=ee4b9c95b82896b99ab67d8ff66e0874&app=core&module=applications&controller=plugins 


EDIT - got it restored in the end, but it was a manual process that involved finding the data in the DB copy, then running a bunch of SQL queries to get the forum ID then the topics for that forum id, and finally the individual posts for those topics based on the topic IDs in the posts. Pretty laborious, but it worked.   


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Hey there,

where is the html for the custom homepage pulled from? I need to edit / add a class but I can't really find it.


Edit: Nevermind, I think I've looked in the wrong section. If anybody else tries to find it look for the template newIndex in core -> global -> plugins

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