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Again: NO! My plugin add this functionalities to OWNERS! That's how it is and that's how it will keep being.

The OWNER has more authority than the board admin in a Club. I won't change that. You can edit the template and remove the ADD MEMBER option until I add it as option in next release but I won't change that: the plugin was made to empower OWNERS, not admins.

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Yes and for this feature i was the first one to purchased the plugin :D

But it can be dangerous, its the case on our board.

We have more then 10 groups (one group per country) with +50.000 members, a member on the board created his own club and add ALL the groups to this club !

Members will not be happy when they found themselves added every day to a new club !

dont know if i well explained the problem ?

All what we need, an option to activate or not the Groups add feature for owners :)


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10 minutes ago, Janyour said:

Yes and for this feature i was the first one to purchased the plugin :D

Just a note here: the fact you bought a resource doesn't make the dev required to add every tiny change a purchaser thinks it's good. That's up to the dev to add/remove or change things. 

I'll probably add a setting to allow this function or not and/or limit the number of users. I mean, if a group has more than X users, it won't add anymore. 

In next version. 

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On 12/07/2017 at 0:31 PM, opentype said:

I’m looking forward to the turn-forums-into-clubs feature so I can finally get rid of all my “manual clubs” I managed through user groups over the years. Or was that idea dropped? Its not listed anymore. 

What's New in Version 1.0.4:

New Feature:

  • Convert forums or apps categories into Club Features with a single click, so you don't need to move a bunch of items (topics, images, files, events, etc) - Admin CP feature.

New option in all nodes on ACP:


See it in action:


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I have 2 suggestions that might look awkward but would be very useful for my website when I upgrade and I think I wouldn't be the only one.
Maybe they can be set up in different ways, but I just ask in case it is possible. Since it's been a some time since I tested clubs, some features might be already included.

1. The possibility to redirect a forum topic directly to the clubs main page when the user clicks on the topic. And Everytime someone updates something in the club section ( forums or galleries  etc ) the possibility to bump the topic so that it appears updated and appears on top if sorted the forum section by date.
The idea is to have a "dummy" topic that engages club activity so it mixes with the other topics and makes the Club ACtivity visible in the forum topics 

2. this is one I guess it's more complicated but could make some sense if you think about it for some people that prefer a smoother integration between the forums and the clubs.
The possibility to attach a "redirect forum" directly to a club and link it. So when a club has information updated ( new post, new picture etc), the subforum raises the position on top.
The whole concept is that we could turn subforums into clubs links and have them listed as redirect forums and sorted by activity. 
This could be optional to some clubs because maybe I don't want all the clubs to have a subforum but it could be a good idea to increase participation for those clubs that admins want to promote or they think they are key to the website success and require a lot of visibility




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47 minutes ago, Unlucky said:

Has anyone asked yet to have the feature to turn off the map on the home page?

Not sure I follow. You mean do not allow a feature to be used? If so, you can do that already. Example: if you don't want MEMBERS to add events, edit their group on ACP and go to Social tab -> Clubs -> Allowed content areas in clubs:


then disable those you don't want them to use.

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