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Clubs Enhancements

Adriano Faria

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Ok, I think I have resolved my issue. Here were the problems:

1) I had to increase the Maximum Execution time for CGI/PHP:


In Ubuntu this is located here: /etc/php/7.1/apache2/php.ini

The default is 30 seconds and it was timing out.

Even though I have only 7 languages, I had an additional 5 languages that were disabled. With all of those it took 340 seconds to install. Once I removed the 5 languages I had disabled, it took only about 95 seconds.

2) I had my Themes set to be in Designers' Mode. Once I disabled that the plugin appears to be working properly now.


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Sorry, can't help you regarding server but I guess that's what he did too. After install, you can decrease it.

27 minutes ago, Brainy S. said:

2) I had my Themes set to be in Designers' Mode. Once I disabled that the plugin appears to be working properly now.

Yes, it won't appear in Designer Mode.

Probably because you don't have the Dev files.

You can get any resource Dev files with this tool:


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3 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

@kmk, since you insist, it’s up to me to add or not things that people suggests. Make your suggestions and wait. I suggest you to stop bumping it. You may be ignored.

Hello @Adriano Faria I think that is the way how we communicating.....I don't have intention like you say "bumping", exactly thing is, I wrote suggestion, and I can see your reply for others posts after my post, why not to me? I am not requesting "call me now, we need a meeting", so...I am not insist like you say...why I Quote my post? not to insist, not because I am bumping, because I dont know if you saw it, I only did "Hi...I think maybe you don't hear me, so I say Hi again...." please maybe don't need reply to your customer with a text...minimal thing, a reaction that let me know you already heard me...and all fine..

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1 minute ago, Adriano Faria said:

Because I don’t reply to suggestions.

That is the way to communicate...now I know if I leave a suggestion, I know you can see it, and maybe add or not to your list...your rule is  not leave any reaction or reply, and I will not thinking if the mr. hearded me or not, so I will not leave 2 times the same messages again, no problem. Have a nice day.

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FYI: I had an issue with my admin account / club owner not being able to add members to a club. I changed the owner of the club to a non-admin user and that user was able to use the add member function.

I contact support about the issue and this is what they had to say:


This issue is the results of a third party plugin named "Clubs Enhancements 1.1.0" this item is breaking the core functions of our software, adding other links which do not or should not exist, in your case, add members to the drop down menu on a public club. You would need to uninstall this plugin or get with the author of the item for support.

Turning on the third party plugin in this case is break things though.


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This is a great useful plugin, but I am having a rather debilitating issue with it.

If I want to allow socials to pick their own og:image from the page, the club enhancement images for the clubs on the post container take precedence over the attached images in the topic.

This is a massive flaw in the design when you don't want to force the sharer image in the admin configuration.

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22 hours ago, InvisionHQ said:

Are you sure that this is an issue related to Club Enhancement?

can you tell me a step by step procedure to replicate this issue?



If you don't have a sharer image set for your forum, when you link a topic on a social media site such as facebook, for some reason the image associated to the club is set as the default image, over that of any other. It makes sense though, its the first image picked up in the code as the author component comes before the post content.

Is there a way to disable the club image in post container?

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Feature Requests:

  • Waive Renewal Fee and/or Waive Membership Fee
  • Add Member (without invitation) - member receives a notification that they have been added to the club (or not depending on settings).
  • Option to Enable 1 step checkout on closed paid clubs (no more requesting invitation)
  • Full-featured forums (like group collaboration application has) which will allow the club owner to create categories/forums. I imagine this is not possible for some reason but if it is at all possible, I think everybody wants it.
  • Drop-down club menu system
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