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Leaving a message for those who can't access site


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I recently closed my forum to the public and all I want guests to see is a message explaining that we closed so they know it's permanent (I don't want them to keep checking back or reloading the page) and a place to sign in if they're already a member. If I turn off site access, guests don't see announcements. I know I can restrict permissions to view forums and certain content, but other than signing in and this message I don't want them to see anything. No widgets, sidebars, menu items, search boxes or anything that they can use to see activity or interact with the site if they aren't signing in. Is there a way to do this easily, or do I have to create my own custom template for it?

Edit: I did this by modifying the language for the sign in page to include the message, and that text can be adjusted in the css. Would still be interested if there is a more elegant solution though.

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