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Export IP.pages records to MS Excel (csv download)


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I'm looking for a solution to export IP.pages records in a database into a csv file for download.

Reason: I created a database for contacts management, but I will require the filter results for further operations,
f.e. mass mailings or the use of the MS Word bulk letter function (automatic labeling of envelopes)

Further information: I don't care about contents like images, associated users... plain text will be enough.

Ideally, I press a button (only shown to permitted user), and the selected category or the filtered entries are written to file, that can be downloaded once after creation by permitted user groups.

Has anyone an idea, how to manage this?


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Unfortunately I'm a community in the cloud customer (CiC), there is no phpMyAdmin... But I will address some developers who can help that already responded. Anyway, would be a nice idea for a marketplace plugin or a future feature for the core suite. Especially for cloud customers. Thanks.

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