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Can I add more than one owner of an album?

My intention is:

Create gallery category or album where can asign 2 or 3 owner or leaders to upload images or videos, but others clubs members can not upload but can see albums or photos....

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It's flabbergasting to me that there appears to be no way to do this within IPS.

So I hold a get-together. 40 members arrive, and everyone takes pictures of all the fun they have. Then, to share the images in the GALLERY, a member has to click through up to 40 different albums just to see the images from the same event?

C'mon, IPS, what kind of crap is that?

@Lindy or others, I'm hoping maybe you can point out some boneheaded option I'm overlooking or something, because I can't imagine creating, what, the fourth version in the 20th year (or whatever) of a community software suite and NOT allowing for community albums?!?!

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