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Questions about permissions and forum topics.


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Often, moderators move the topic to a restricted sub-forum where only advanced users have access.

I would like the common user who created the topic to have full access only in the moved topic and also to view the list of topics in this restricted sub-forum.

I tried disabling "Users can see topics posted by other users?" And enable "Users without read permission can open forum?"

That almost worked. :(

The ordinary user can view and publish the topic created by him. Unfortunately, I can not see the other topics in this sub-forum (I want the normal user to see the list of other topics in this restricted sub-forum and only have access to his topic).

Does anyone have a tip? 

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I don't believe that is possible.

I've had a look and can't find any option or permissions that specifically differentiates a a thread starter from the rest of their user group (which is what permissions are based on).

There would need to be another "layer" of permissions specifically something along the lines of "Thread creator can view & replay regardless of permissions", in the same place as the "Users can see topics posted by other users" & "Users without read permission can open forum".

The closest you could get is setting the regular user permissions for that sub-forum to:
* See Forum ticked.
* Read Topics ticked.
* Reply To Topics ticked.
* Post New Topics unticked.
* Users can see topics by other users - Should be ticked, as you want the regular default setting of being able to see all posts.
* Users without read permission - leave unticked, you should set read permission with the regular permissions settings.

With the advanced users being given full permissions.

It would allow all regular forum users to see, read & reply to threads moved into that section. But not start them.

From there you need to decide how to moderate it so regular users aren't posting in other peoples threads. You can set all replies to require approval and then manually approve them (this would be required for all non-moderator posts though).

Or just moderate it regularly, and put in a rules note saying not to reply to these threads, delete posts made by the wrong people and punish if required.


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