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Ticket system jams when importing email with attachment?


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Can someone test whether they have this same problem. On my system I import email tickets from an email address. Someone sent an email there with an image attachment. When the cron ran to check the email and import it , the import failed. The cron attempted to repeat this every 1 minute. This resulted in the following:

1) In the system log, it added an error entry that included the insert sql query that contained the entire email including the 10mb image attachment. So each log entry was 10mb in size. Since it ran every 1 minute, in a few days this added 15 GB to my database until I got warnings from my server that I was running out of space.

2) The cron managed to save the image files to the file system (in the uploads/date folder) each time, despite the error log message, but each time the cron ran it did it again, resulting in 9,000 copies of the file being saved to the file system, which also contributed to my disk becoming full.

3) each time the cron ran, it added a "reply" to the ticket it was trying to import into, but no actual reply showed up. It just said there were 5,000 replies to the particular ticket. When you click on it there is no sign of the additional messages.

4) It was not able to import any newer messages than the email with the attachment, so new replies were not getting downloaded and updated.

The solution for me was to log into the email account and delete the email with the image attachment, after which everything worked fine. Then I emptied the log files using phpmyadmin, and last deleted the 9,000 copies of the image in my uploads folder.

...but nothing is solved. Anyone could take down my server just by sending an email with an image attachment and letting the file system become full.

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