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Assign Reactions/Forum Post Icons to specific themes


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Gosh, I hate to ask this but this forum icon thing has been a pain in the past since I can remember - (not just with IPB but all software that used forum icons) mainly because if you run multiple skins that contrast each other, like for example a light theme for one and a dark theme for another, sharing forum post icons don't really work to well for obvious reasons. I guess there would be a couple of ways I could give as an example to use as a work around.

1. We could get the option to create a new icon folder and  assign that folder in our themes acp to that theme
2. A more modern way  would of course be able to have the option above happen all from the acp, folder creation, icon uploading etc... but hey, beggars can't be choosers here and I would settle for what we have now using the standard forum icons folder as an example. 
3. Not sure here and just throwing this out, but running forum icons through the image resources may be a option? That would allow us also a way to assign per theme using each themes specific image resources folder
4. Create categories for reactions and allow us to assign permissions
5. Emoticons already have categories,, being able to assign permissions in that area may provide as a option also? By permissions I mean which set of icons can show. Only one set could be selected at one time of course due you wouldn't want the emoticon mark-up being read from multiple sources.

For 4.2 I went all out and created individual icon sets for each theme. Icons sets for the forum and reactions, to have each set work with each theme would be optimal here and to be honest here, a much needed option to genuinely make a theme match all the way through.

A real life example already happened right after I updated my themes today. A current customer who owns a light and  dark theme from me needs to use these images in separate places to make things match all the way through.. I'm also sure this can be done third party, I suggested it here because I think it's something that everyone would benefit from for one reason or another. There;s even more benefits to allowing assigning of these icon sets like being able to use multiple icons sets for one theme..

This was just a thought


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