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Pages Title, Category, and SEO Redirects

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Hey All,

I recently imported a WordPress db into Pages and am showing the content on root and forums in /forums.  I wanted to get your opinion on SEO for doing redirects. I was planning on doing 301 redirects on my top 20 pages and then hopefully redirecting the entire site after that. Not sure if that is an option though.


Old Location
https://homeservershow.com/home-server-show-306-final-episode.html    (no longer resolves)

New Location

# .htaccess Permanent URL redirect
Redirect 301 /home-server-show-306-final-episode.html https://homeservershow.com/articles.html/blog/home-server-show-306-final-episode/


Besides the 301 methodology I'm wondering if there is something that can be done in Pages to help this along.  I recall seeing a method to remove the category from the URL. It would be nice if it could somehow remap to the same URL.

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Using the same URL won’t work. The structure is quite different. 

I would at least get rid of the “.html” in “articles.html”. That’s not needed. 

The category slugs can be good for SEO. No need to remove them (and there is no easy way to do this anyway). 

P.S. I would set up those 301s as soon as possible. Normally you want to have them in place as soon as the URL changes, so search engines never see a 404, but instantly know the content was moved. 

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