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500 error


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Startet getting e-mail from cron tab, whole site is down now:

When I try to enter the admin area I get the following message:

We're sorry, but a temporary technical error has occurred which means we cannot display this site right now. Can't create more than max_prepared_stmt_count statements (current value: 16382)You can try again by clicking the button below, or try again later. 

Any clue? Is there someway to "restart" the software, clear cache or well...anything I can do..

Tried to restart server...no luck.

This is from the server error log:

[Thu Jun 22 12:25:04.803473 2017] [:error] [pid 96327] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function language() on null in /var/www/1/131900/www2/system/Output/Output.php on line 535
[Thu Jun 22 12:25:04.804164 2017] [:error] [pid 96327] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'IPS\\Db\\Exception' with message 'Can't create more than max_prepared_stmt_count statements (current value: 16382)' in /var/www/1/131900/www2/system/Db/Db.php:502\nStack trace:\n#0 /var/www/1/131900/www2/system/Db/Db.php(839): IPS\\_Db->preparedQuery('REPLACE INTO `c...', Array)\n#1 /var/www/1/131900/www2/system/Session/Front.php(304): IPS\\_Db->replace('core_sessions', Array, true)\n#2 [internal function]: IPS\\Session\\_Front->write('a70716a3eb1d0a1...', '')\n#3 {main}\n  thrown in /var/www/1/131900/www2/system/Db/Db.php on line 502


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