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Pending Invoice by Guest


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What is that exactly.  These are people, Guests not logged in that get to the Registration/Log In part of the purchase process and then bail out?  

Is it kind of a dropped cart indicator or did I set someting up wrong?

I have been selling stuff through the site for years, but always phsycial products.   Never electronic tickets I email later.

Wondering if I did something wrong.



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Thanks Rhett.

This has been a fascinating experience moving our ticket sales into the store.  Humans are weird.  I expected a drop, as we normally leave it open via Pay Pal button on the front page.  Forcing people to register to buy the tickets we have sold about 1/3 our usual amount.   Not blaming IPS, I think most will come around, they have had too easy for too long.   But it is a bigger drop than expected. 



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