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What topics are these?????


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No forums are checked so what topics am I seeing?

I am loving the fluid forum options but some of the basic navigation and implementation is confusing to me.  In addition to the absence of "select all" or "unselect all" there is weird behavior when unchecking everything. I still get topics.. I am confused. I would expect to see something like "No Topics. Please select at least one category from the right in order to see some topics."  Although that wouldn't be very good either.

Maybe the idea is that if you don't select anything to limit it down, you then get everything?   but it just seemed weird to me at first.  New users might not right away know that those check boxes are connected to the output of forum topics.  I don't know. Maybe I need to hear some other opinions.

Thank you.


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12 minutes ago, opentype said:

“None” and “all” act the same. 

I figured as much. I guess that's the right approach. I don't know if new users will get it though. I can't go back to seeing it through a new persons perspective .

EDIT: Actually on second thought, I like this behavior. None essentially equals "no limits" which is conceptually the same as ALL.

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