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CSS in Blocks

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I have problems adding css styles to my blocks (like portal - Home/Portal) in IPS 4.1.x.

Reading the Guides, there is some talk about "custom.css" which - according to the guide - "... Instead, all of your changes should live in the custom.css file at /core/front/custom/. You can create other CSS files within the custom directory if you wish and these will also be included. CSS files in the custom directory are not modified by the IPS4 upgrader, meaning your changes will safely persist across versions. ..."

Okay ... but where is /core/front/custom? It does not exist on the file system - there is ../application/core/ but no "front" beyond that one.

A "locate custom.css" yields:

So the file is probably generated - and should most likely not edited directly. Also the path is completely different.

Next step is the AdminCP: The only location I could find that deals with CSS was Pages > Templates | CSS (Tab)

This is well and good to create CSS and assign that to a Page, but helps me in no way when I need it in a Block.
I thought: "Maybe it does not matter, I'll just create a CSS file there and name it 'custom', could be that this one's loaded because 'custom' is special."
Needless to say, that did not work...

I could probably manually insert some code in the Block-Code, as it accepts raw php - but then again, how do I access/reference a specific CSS file? (like the one I created in Pages > Templates | CSS)

If anyone would be so kind to please point me at a useful documentation of the relevant files (on the filesystem)  as well as the relevant spots within the AdminCP as well as a short overview on what is loaded when, from where and why (or something along that lines) - so that I am able to stuff css/js into Blocks, Pages, Themes, Apps etc.

Thanks alot for your help in advance!


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