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Database Relationships Outside of Pages App


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Hoping someone may be able to help me.

We're looking to create database relationships between content, to associate and display content from one database on another. For instance when a user submits a record, they can tie it to another record in another database. We then wish to pull through the associated item on the other record. In example..

User submits photo to gallery (Database A), but selects a record from drop down while doing so, in that dropdown are lists of records in Database B. Once submitted, the image is now tied/related to Database B and its record. We then display the image on the record page of database B.

In our case, we have businesses listed in one pages application. And we want to find a way for users to submit images to the gallery, while associating it with the business that the image was taken at. We would then wish to pull through all images associated with the business, from the gallery, on the business's page (each business has their own record).

Is there a way to do this easily? Or should we be sourcing a developer to build custom database relationship architecture in order to achieve this?

The 'database relationship' field type looked interesting, but of little use since we'd mainly be grabbing from applications like photos, videos, calendar and forum.

Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.

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3 minutes ago, opentype said:


Thanks, had hoped it wasn't the case. But was expecting it...

Well if developers who stumble upon this topic feel like it's something they can achieve... Feel free to drop me a PM.

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