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Forums per IPS Add-ons to improve content discovery

The Old Man

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Team IPS,

I really miss the way each product had a dedicated support forum. It made it much easier to read, catch up and highlight good topics on the add-on apps, for example Pages. If like myself, when I recently needed to look at Pages related topics to refresh myself and get some answers, it felt like the related topics and results were all over the place, time consuming and easy to miss unless I managed to come up with the ideal keywords for searching or where folks had used tags.

Please consider restoring sub-forums for each of your specific app add-ons, as content discovery could now be really enhanced by the Activity Stream functionality that of course ewasn't available when the sub-forums per app were available.

Not only could we browse all related topics in one forum, we'd be able to create Activity Streams for Pages, Gallery or Blog forum topics, or you could could make them already available as built-in streams.

Many thanks.


Have created some quick custom streams that may be of use to others...

Content tagged with Pages:


Content tagged with Blogs:


Content tagged with Gallery:


Content tagged with Commerce:


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