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Can I change an account password via the database?

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5 hours ago, Ricardo Rodrigues said:

I need to change my login password to a forum account via MySQL. How can I change the users password using MySQL? I don't care if the password is 123456 I just need to change it for now....

Have you tried to use the forgot password link btw? It will allow you to reset it.

Anyways, passwords in Ipb are hashed. They are not stored as plain test. You can try to run this query though:

UPDATE core_members SET members_pass_hash = '$2a$13$Yg8psuBh3X8coRANYj14NOFltqAUpvpj7tmtKT6XVzpyL6iLKqsR2', members_pass_salt = 'Yg8psuBh3X8coRANYj14Na' WHERE member_id = y;

This should reset the password to 123456. Replace y with your actual id number in the query above btw.

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