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Paid: Adding Wordpress entries to a Pages database


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My wife and I have run a travel blog for several years. I'd like to migrate it to my current IPS4 site. 

The blog is built on Joomla and I've converted it to a Wordpress installation in preparation because I gather that this is easier. Here's the WP version: http://timeofftakeoff.com/wp/ 

In both the WP site and my IPS4 site I am user id = 1 and my wife user id = 2, so that should simplify things.

What I'd like to do is have my WP site converted within my current IPS site as a new Pages database. It needs to keep the tags and categories. I also want to keep the content which is already on my IPS site, so this mustn't overwrite it. My IPS site is already using cms_custom_database ids from 1 to 6 and cms_database_categories ids up to 31. The travel site only has a handful of comments (via Disqus) and I'm not interested in keeping them. It's just the blog entries there which I would like to become records in IPS4.

If this is something you think you could do, please get in touch with me to let me know what the cost would be and what information you would need from me.


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I am, mate, and that's what I intended to do ... but I can't find it that functionality and a search in the ACP for convert, convertor, converter, convertors, and converters isn't helping. It made me think that the converters must only be for people who have an empty IPS site and wish to suck in data from an external database. Am I wrong? Will it work within an existing, populated installation? If so, where do I find converters in the ACP?

Hang on ... I think I've spotted the keyword: app. My site is 4.2.x and I thought that the converters were now built into it. I'm wrong then, am I? I need to download the app.

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OK, I don't get it. I've run the converter and was given a drop down about what I wanted to convert. The only option was "member and system information", so I did that. It correctly identified two users.

When I next run the converter I'm giving additional options, including "pages and record data". Bingo. But as soon as I run the converter I hit a 500 error. What gives?

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