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Tutorial On Apps - Vids and/or Samples (Even Pay If Need Be)


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The main issue I still have problems understand is the disconnection between Nexus/Commerce and Content/Pages. There are some guides but there is no follow up Q&A to attach to it and expand the help sections. Thus why there so little to nill of content for it out there even on the market place (note this is how I see) of share ideas databases and such. If there was more of a push from the Invasion Power to not just make the platform for it but put stuff out that (even not support but with a detail guide) to allow people to download and expand more examples of what can be done with the software were. For this I'm thinking more Content/Pages, give more stuff in the customer to understand and play with. I think if three projects can be put out for people to play with in terms if it already built people can expand more on the make and share with other to jump start community. Current it pretty dead section of what can be a good product. Even offer the extra details for pay I be glad to do it with a teacher to learn how it works more the current tutorials okay but can be improve upon massive.

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1.  There is no connection between Commerce and Pages.  That's akin to asking for a connection between Forums and Gallery.  They're two independent applications with very different purposes.  

IP.Pages is used for:

  • Template system
  • Block manager
  • Page manager
  • Database manager

IP.Commerce is used for:

  • Selling digital or physical goods
  • Support
  • Hosting

2.  IPS has provided some guides on IP.Pages along with examples:

3.  You can check out the Marketplace files by @opentype

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