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Fluid View Sidebar Start new topic?


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Hi @Netherlord
(or anybody else reading this :D )


Curious, I love this "Start New Topic" button found at the front of the IPCommunity.
Is this a default option I can use for my own forum?

Or is it a 3rd party feature... or... maybe a specific theme? :)

In my own forum the members can click on the "+ CREATE" link at the top of my screen, but I really like the 'start new topic' button that's available here in this community.
any help on this would be super appreciated!




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1 hour ago, Marc Sylvester said:


Hey, I wanted to thank you for responding :D

I've now subscribed to that area and I'm looking forward to using 4.2!
I'm new to IP and I'm just floored at how awesome it is! (I was using Xenforo for YEARS). 


Thanks again!



Welcome to IPS Marc, what took you so long to find this software :lol:

Hope it brings you joy as it has others, v4.2 has lots of goodies just wait and see (might find your theme will have to be re-done for 4.2, depends how much change you made)

Am current customer of your software and look forward to anything new you may bring out in the future

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