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(DF42) Advanced Multi-Tool (Support topic)


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This will remove the Mark Site Read and the Unread Content words from the breadcrumb and just use the Font-Awesome icons
(Use this if you are showing the breadcrumb on mobile devices)

Can I request instead use Font-Awesome icons, remove it completly?

Or moving it to user menu. 

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Love this plugin.

Any chance (perhaps in a future version or in 4.3) you could add an option to display usernames by their group formatting? For example, if a user were in the Administrators group, and it had a group format of bold, italic, and colored red, users in that group would have their username formatted like this: SomeUsername instead of the default plain format.

Kind of like how phpBB3 displays usernames. I realize that might be a bit involved, but that would just be awesome. ?

EDIT: Just found this:

which I suppose will work meanwhile. But would certainly be a cool feature to have from this plugin if time permits :)

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13 minutes ago, Paul Play To Enjoy said:

Basically I want to lock certain topics at specific times, I can do this now already with moderation options. 

When it locks I would like an automated post made saying 'topic locked' 

Is this possible? 

No mate it don't do that, it does give me a idea for a different plugin though, let me see what I can do

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Hi there. Thanx for a great plugin!
I have trouble uploading a custom font... It's this one: https://www.uxfree.com/basier-font-family/   ( Basier Circle Regular)
I have tried more formats as well which I found here http://atipofoundry.com/fonts/basier
Once uploaded it just transforms everything to default fonts. Any idea if or what I am doing wrong?

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Added info
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I can't get this to show up in the ACP Marketplace search. Is that intended?


Edit: I just purchased @ Invisioncommunity.com since I couldn't locate in my ACP. I guess the explanation is this version is flagged as not compatible with 4.5


@Adriano Faria - any plans to update?

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