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IPS utility jquery issue


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I use 

ips.ui.alert.show({type:'alert', icon:'warn', message: formattedMessage});

To show a warning message. In 40-50% of all cases it works fine, the other times it prints a javascript error in my console.log:


jquery.js?v=4409548e1d:3 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of undefined at Sa (http://***.com/dev/js/library/jquery/jquery.js?v=4409548e1d:3:27454) at Function.css (http://***.com/dev/js/library/jquery/jquery.js?v=4409548e1d:3:30895) at La (http://***.com/dev/js/library/jquery/jquery.js?v=4409548e1d:3:24665) at Ma (http://***.com/dev/js/library/jquery/jquery.js?v=4409548e1d:3:24749) at cb (http://***.com/dev/js/library/jquery/jquery.js?v=4409548e1d:3:28868) at n.fn.init.show (http://***.com/dev/js/library/jquery/jquery.js?v=4409548e1d:4:578) at n.fn.init.n.fn.(anonymous function) [as show] (http://***.com/dev/js/library/jquery/jquery.js?v=4409548e1d:4:7543) at anim (http:/***.com/dev/js/framework/common/utils/ips.utils.anim.js?v=4409548e1d:168:9) at _checkQueue (http://***.com/dev/js/framework/common/utils/ips.utils.anim.js?v=4409548e1d:354:47) at http://***.com/dev/js/framework/common/utils/ips.utils.anim.js?v=4409548e1d:298:5

I am calling the ips.ui.alert.show() from a function inside of a javascript module:

var printWarning = function(data) {
  var socket = data.Socket;
  var message = data.Message;
  var url = socket.url;
  var formattedMessage = "[" + url + "] reported: " + message;
  ips.ui.alert.show({type:'alert',icon:'warn',message: formattedMessage});

Is that some kind of race condition against the jquery initialization? If so how could I prevent it.

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7 hours ago, bfarber said:

Is this a javascript module within our framework, or are you loading the javascript file in some other manner?

Generally with jquery you do something along the lines of

$( document ).ready(function() {
	// Your code here


That's a function within a IPS.createModule function

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