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Commerce Statistics - Overhaul needed


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I've been trying to use the statistics recently to keep track of our products, but the biggest issue we have at the moment is renewals. They don't appear, so we can't check on a month by month, or year by year basis.... Now is this due to renewals not generating shipping orders?

We feel that the whole commerce product really lacks some basic features, yet no one has really updated this or concentrated on the app for quite some time. And I know there're others out there with other issues. We have 4.2 which is catered to social media by the looks of it, but what about the rest of your apps which you charge a fair bit of money for?

Will 4.3 be catered to the other apps?

Has anyone else got some advice, or issues they're facing with commerce? Basic or advanced issues, I'd really like to hear some. Because, the last thing we want to do is outsource other software..

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Is there anything besides being able to graph renewals?

Commerce did get some new features in 4.2 (all of which were from user feedback actually) as well as quite a significant UI refresh. It will of course have more improvements in 4.3 and beyond :) 

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@Mark So how do I separate just renewals, so I can see a year on year basis? Because all I'm getting in the filters is;

  • Paypal
  • Paypal - Subscription (which is the yearly package)

What's Paypal? The whole amount we've taken? The subscription is going to be what, new ones, or renewals, or all together?

Taken from some of my staff, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Address system isn't UK friendly i.e. England MK9 3** UK where it should be Bucks MK9 3** UK  
  • Search facility to be able to search for a PP agreement number
  • When looking for an agreement number, it's actually called Profile ID on paypal, which makes it hard to search for people if different names relate to different meanings/names.

Thanks :)

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Also can I add:

Paypal billing agreements to customer accounts?, there's a button to managed them, but only to view the agreement on another page where we can refund or delete them.

We had OLD members who signed up using the old SUBSCRIPTION button, we still have them in the system (paypal), but want to move them to billing agreements so they don't have to cancel and then resign up. (We think we'll have to end up doing this, but I thought it would be worth asking).

Even if we can add an agreement number or paypal subscription number to the account would be helpful, date, time, etc (and not under notes).

This relates to @chilihead old topic -

We still have over 300 people on the old subscriptions which has NO CONNECTION to commerce at all (formerly IP Nexus).

@chilihead how have you got on over the last couple of years since your topic??

**The only we we're able to keep on top of this is to make a new invoice for the customer, mark it as paid (with dates) and match it to paypal subscriptions and if they're are cancelled then they're returned to a forum user. If payments continue we keep marking their invoices as paid.

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