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Old IPB (v3.4.6) Boards closed - only active Clients? WHY?


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I want to ask, why are all the (old, v3.4.6) Support-Topics are only viewable for user with an active client account?

When i visit my old IPB 3.4.6 Board, i can read "Licensed to ..."  in the lower right corner - so this meaning, i`m a kind of active- or no?

Furthermore, why are the v3.4.6 Boards "closed", if v4.2 the new state of the Art and the Team dont support it anymore? But let the user help together...

Why i need an active account, if i want to stay with IPB 3.4.6?

MAYBE i can understand, if you gave the old 3.4.6 Board "read-only" permission, but totally closed....Its a kind of strange "pay-or-die" politic!

I re-newed my license many times....for nothing? Only for to read "I need to be an active client"???



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Version 3 is EOL and does not receive updates (including security updates) and support. Using it is a security risk and you miss out on modern technology. I mean v3 was made before the iPhone existed so something as what is now basic - full mobile support - is not there. You are missing out on what is now required functionality on the modern web. I realize people hate change but as with all software things have to evolve. It does not work on PHP 7 and PHP 5 is also approaching EOL. So you are using a software that we (the makers) no longer support which can only run on a server-platform which is also nearly defunct. It's imperative that you consider an upgrade path for your safety and continued success. I'm not trying to be all "omg scary" it's just the reality of the situation.

I'm sure Microsoft still gets angry letters about no more Windows XP support too :) ... it's sort of the nature of software development.

The version 3 support forums were archived off to only active license holders as a courtesy for those few left who have not yet upgraded. We plan on completely archiving them in the not too distant future.

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