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How manage "file" template structure?


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Hi all,

as usual, sorry for all my grammatical errors :( and for the stupidity of my questions :rofl:


I'm trying to modify my template to make in sort to be able to display the icon of all groups.


Actually I'm stop here:


<li class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone'><img src='{file="$comment->author()->group['g_icon']" extension="core_Theme"}' alt='' class='cAuthorGroupIcon'></li>


I'm able to take out of author() the secondary groups id and split them but, here, I'm just frozen and, I admit, I didn't fully understand the red construction.

The question is:


how can I say: take the g_icon of the group with ID x?


Actually I didn't necessary need "the" answer, but some tips would be appreciate :lol:


Thank you for your kindness and your time.





Ups... sorry, to many windows was open and I've started here instate of https://invisionpower.com/forums/forum/497-peer-to-peer-technical-support/


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