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Question regarding the licensed URL on installation

Matt C.

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So, I've uploaded an ipb installation to a Digital Ocean web server I set up, and It's all ready to go. My domain name hasn't redirected yet, so I'm using the IP address for now. Right as I was about to start it, I realized if I do the install on the IP Address, it might cause problems later on. Should I wait until the domain redirects so IPS doesn't save the IP Address as the installation?

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If you don't need others to access the site while you're setting things up...  you could edit your computer's host file to tell it to map yourdomain.com to the IP address.  That way you can actually type that into the browser and work before DNS actually updates.


If you do this, during setup, you can actually use your domain name instead of the IP.  Just remember to remove the IP from your host file later once the DNS update is complete.  

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