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RSS Feeds - Multiple posts in Facebook/twitter/google+


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I have the whole site rss feed being posted to the above three social platforms but I have a problem.

Say a new topic is posted on the site, such as one called "Explosion at Manchester arena

This gets posted to facebook, google+ and twitted, thats all fine.

But when someone replies, this gets posted again! Is it possible to only get the topics posted on the RSS feed and not the replies. You can see below on the link, there are multiple items about the Manchester attack. I just want the feed to include the original topic.




Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the quick reply, that option is already selected.

<title>Explosion at Manchester arena</title>
I'll agree with that, no point locking them up and spreading their hatred in Prisons, then when released, carrying on with the hatred!
<pubDate>Tue, 23 May 2017 12:44:01 +0100</pubDate>

This is the rss information from the whole site RSS Feed. The original post was made at 23:37 on the 22/05/17, but the published date on the rss feed says it was today (23/05/17) at 12:44:01, so its updating the time so the site I use thinks its a new message and is posting it. They talk about making sure there is a GUID in the rss feed. 

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This is the email I sent dlvr.it:




I have been using this site for over a month after I left twitterfeed. I grab rss feeds from my forum but i'm having a problem. When a new post is made on my site, twitterfeed would post it, when people replied, twitterfeed wouldn't post new updates to the posts to twitter which was fantastic.

But with dlvr.it the new post is grabbed by yourselves from my rss feed and posted to twitter. But if someone replies to a post then the link to the reply is posted up you can see on my twitter feed https://twitter.com/myfootieforum "Brexit in Turmoil" appears multiple times, but I only want it to be grabbed and posted to twitter when the original post is made and not when people reply.

Thanks in advance.


I had this reply back from dlvr.it



Thank you for forwarding your concern to us. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you today.There are a couple of things that are different about dlvr.it and Twitterfeed that would be causing this to happen.  The main issue is that when you have a comment or update to the post, what is happening is that the GUID is changing within your Feed.  This is why we end up picking up the post again and posting it again.  The best way to remedy this is to alter your Feed so that they do not update the GUIDs in this manner.  I would recommend reaching out to your Feed administration service for assistance with this.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.



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