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The integration of Discord in Invision power like facebook

Cristian Romero

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Invision power support team highly recommend the integration of Discord I leave a few details about discord:    

I am currently the owner of the site https://www.discordianos.com/ and its official site is https://discordapp.com/ with more than 25 million registered users discord a voip technology as well as communities of games and clans always doing communities of forums we thought that invision power has to have the integration as Has facebook, hotmail, google would be wonderful because we will never change forums


Well a user of the community of invision power I created a plugin for the integration works of cinema but we are afraid of losing future updates or that this stop working in a future here the link:


It would be wonderful to see this in the admin panel discord integration without the need to buy this plugin that we are afraid of losing future updates or abandoning its creator. And discord every day adds more players who need to have community forums for their clan topics comments like invision power we are veterans we have another community raidcall.es with more than 5 years using its forums

Thank you very much,
Cristian Romero (Community Discordian Administrator)

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