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Point of Sale would be totally kick butt

Cowboy Denny

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Need a combo of a Point of Sale and Will Call for a Box Office system utilizing the store.

Would like to be able to utilize the store for office staff to do phone sales.  Sometimes they deliver some of the tickets to the customer and hold the rest at Will Call.  We plan on utilizing the authorize.net plugin for transactions.

We need to be able to utlize Customer Info (searchable, ability to filter) for each sale since it would be accomplished by a few users on the system performing phone sales.

Export Transactions into CSV based on date range. export includes:

  • date
  • time
  • product
  • price
  • discounts
  • coupons
  • customer info


  • Product: Adult Ticket
  • QTY:
  • Price Paid: 22.95
  • Coupons/Discounts Applied:
  • All Delivered (Yes/No) (if no, what is remaining in Will Call)
  • Customer Info:
    • First Name: Dude
    • Last Name: Wagon
    • Group: 
    • Street Address: 123 Seymore (optional)
    • City: uknow (optional)
    • State: MI (optional)
    • Zip: 1234 (optional)


It would be great to search for a user that purchased many products that should be at Will Call so we know what to mark as delivered/picked up.

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