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Clubs approval?


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1 minute ago, Adriano Faria said:

Go to club and you'll see the APPROVE and DELETE buttons. 

I'm not so sure about that.

I didn't even see one of the member-created clubs until I went in the ACP, and a club I created as an admin didn't have approve/delete buttons, either.

I had to turn off the "approve" requirement, and then both were approved, and then when I re-enable it, the clubs that weren't approved are hidden again.


Here's my club. If I access the URL to the member-created club, I can't even see it.

I had to change the value to "1" in the database.

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12 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

All you have to do is NOT give to the mod group or users this permisison. Give it only to Admin group.

I only see this which gets it to work as an Admin (me) with a Club I created:

Has leader privileges in all clubs? On
Can feature and unfeature clubs? On

Under Members / Staff / Moderators / Clubs 

I don't get that under Members / Staff / Administrators 

I get the Clubs toggle:

Can view list of clubs?
On Can edit club name, privacy and owner of clubs?
On Can create content areas in clubs?
On Can edit content areas in clubs?
On Can delete content areas in clubs, including the content inside them?
On Can delete entire clubs, including all their content?
On Can manage global club settings?
Extra Fields   All / None
On Can view extra fields? 

Which I have it all set to On.  Still wouldn't let me approve the Club.

What am I missing?

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IPS needs to add a permissions setting in the Club settings in the ACP because it's impossible to find it unless you have a very large magnifying glass. The setting is impossible to find without searching through dozens of topics here on the support forums. I'm just confused as to why IPS made it so difficult to find the setting for Clubs.

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4 minutes ago, Rheddy said:


Like how?

4 minutes ago, Rheddy said:

 I'm on IPS 4.2.4 and there is still no such setting.

Sure there is:


4 minutes ago, Rheddy said:

… clubs are still unapproved and there is such such "approval" button within the club I created.

It’s on the club directory page. 


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Thing is, even for long time veterans like myself who have been licensed IPS customers for a long time, I had difficulty finding the setting. It would make it easier to use if the setting was in the Clubs section in the ACP, or when doing a search within the ACP, that the setting would show up. Unfortunately, not even an ACP search will reveal the setting.

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