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Text when user try to unsubscribe from mass emails

Gabriel Torres

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Checking the logs today I found several users trying to unsubscribe from our mass emails, with most of them trying it several times, and I was wondering why this was happening. Checking this issue further, I found that the error message the user receives is this one:



We could not find your account in order to unsubscribe you from emails. If you have recently altered your email or password, the unsubscribe link may have expired. You can alter your notifications settings from your <a href='{internal.front.app=core&module=system&controller=notifications&do=options}'>control panel</a>.


Now, this a very cryptic message, because in all cases I checked, the user existed and he was already unsubscribed. So, the user got this message and kept trying opening the link. I guess this message should be improved. If the user is already unsubscribed, a message saying 'You are already unscribed'. I also wonder if the user needs to be logged on. If that is the case, this information must also be added.



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